Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a drunk driving charge and is a criminal offense in most countries. DWI involves an offense of driving a motor vehicle after consuming enough alcohol to raise the blood alcohol level above the legal limit.

In November, 2017, The Hester Group came across a new case. Our client was a passenger in a luxury automotive vehicle. While driving, the car was hit in the right lane of a local street in downtown St. Louis, Missouri, typically reserved for through traffic. The driver rear-ended our client at a very high speed. The guilty driver also operated the vehicle while under the influence. According to “Impaired Driving”, 1.8% of drivers in Missouri admit to driving while intoxicated.


For 12 years, the Hester Group has been tirelessly fighting for clients and have a high success rate. You place a significant amount of trust & faith in an attorney. We honor that commitment by providing outstanding performance for every case. The Hester Group was founded on the principles of equality and justice under the law. We specialize in civil, criminal, and family law.


The client sustained injuries upon impact, and unfortunately, died later that month due to these injuries. The case was settled without filing a lawsuit for the policy limits. In 2017, 607 people were seriously injured in accidents involving at least one drunk driver. According to “State-Statistics” in Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 2017 included 244 drunk driving deaths and 26% of drunk driving accidents resulted in fatalities.


Drunk driving needs to come to an end, and The Hester Group wants to make that change happen by bringing justice to everyone involved.


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