In 2016, The Hester Group took on a very upsetting case: One afternoon the client and his daughter drove near downtown St. Louis, Missouri. While stopped at a red stoplight, a car driven by a drunk man struck the the client and daughter. They died from injuries resulting from the car crash.


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Prior to the accident, the drunken driver was at a local bar, where the bartenders continued to serve him alcohol even when the servers saw the man was intoxicated. Laws prohibit bartenders from over-serving customers alcoholic beverages. According to “Legal Risks Bartenders Face for Overserving Alcohol”, the Dramshop Laws “refer to laws governing commercial establishments that sell and serve alcoholic beverages to people who are visibly intoxicated, or to minors, who go on to cause injury or death to others.” The bartenders, in this case, clearly ignored these laws. 


The intoxicated man left the bar and drove while under the influence. He then crashed into the client’s vehicle near downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The client’s car burst into flames upon impact. The client and his daughter burned alive and died as a result of their injuries. On behalf of the client’s relatives, The Hester Group filed a case against the intoxicated driver, settling the case after discovery for two million dollars and distributing the settlement equally among the family members.  


Driving under the influence contributed to twenty-one percent of all 2017 Missouri traffic fatalities. In 2017, a hundred and ninety-eight people were killed and 607 seriously injured in crashes that involved at least one impaired driver with alcohol and/or drugs as reported by “Impaired Driving”. In 2018, seventy-eight Missourians were killed in a car accident involving a drunk driver, while a hundred and forty-two Missourians were seriously injured. These statistics are horrifying. Life can be unpredictable and unfair. The Hester Group offers justice and provides the best outcome for such tragic occurrences. 


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